Yuriy (Uriel) Belov

Major: Finance
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Yeshiva: Shor Yoshuv (mornings)
Future career: Finance/Business

September 12, 2015

Why LAS? It’s very convenient that I don’t have to skip classes because of the holidays. Also, English isn’t my first language, and Touro helps so much with tutoring. It’s also so nice to come to a college where people value Judaism and education.

Favorite class: Corporate Finance with Professor Goldstein. He gives us practical, real insights into the business world today.

How I balance: As a mashgiach for the Va’ad Hakashrus in Five Towns, I am supporting myself. Since my level of income fluctuates per month, the dean helped me with acquiring scholarships and working with Financial Aid to let me stay in school while I work.