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Whether you’re a working journalist or aspiring law school student, it’s equally necessary to see issues from all sides and come to honest, measured conclusions. And in today’s workforce in general, young college graduates have to be flexible and open-minded. Brooklyn native and resident Rachel Goldberger understands both these tenets explicitly. 
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Healthcare is inexorably entangled in state and federal politics. Consequently, compassion and dedication to treating underserved populations is only half the battle. The other part involves understanding and getting in between the red tape that determines how resources get distributed to those in need. Dina Kupfer has always grasped this symbiosis implicitly. After graduating from Touro’s Lander College of Arts and Sciences with a psychology degree in 2009, the Brooklyn native coupled that with a Masters in Political Science from Brooklyn College. Today, she splits her time between the classroom—Kupfer is an adjunct professor in LAS’s Poli-Sci department—and legal work and government liaison for Yeled V’yalda, a Brooklyn-based social-services agency that assists children and their families.
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Sometimes, what goes around does come around—in the best sense of that expression. In 2009, Yosef Brown graduated from Lander College of Arts and Science with a BA in Political Science. His previous concentration had been marketing, and while attending a campus job fair, the St. Louis native-cum-Long Island resident landed an interview with his current employer, online-advertising firm Blue Cherry Group, where he’s a senior manager. So when the time came for Brown to be on the other side of that table at a Touro recruitment event earlier this year, he assisted in the hiring of a fellow TC alum. “I felt like I was sort of doing my due diligence by helping another Touro graduate get a job when Touro helped me do the same,” he explains. “That was an important experience.”