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The recently concluded presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was one for the ages. But for young adults of Gittel Fekete’s generation, the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore was their real wake-up call to the world of politics. Lander College of Arts & Sciences graduate Fekete was only in eighth grade that fateful November more than a decade ago, but vividly remembers the historic evening. “I stayed up all night to try and find out, is it going to be Bush or Gore,” she recalls.
Featured Stories
One of the keys to academic success is time management, which bodes well for January ’14 LAS grad Chaya Spiegel. By the time this lifelong Brooklynite had graduated high school, she’d already written a historical mystery novel, Search for the Lost Children, and founded the Midwood Jewish Library in her home neighborhood. But she describes those pursuits as “more of a hobby, something I do to enjoy on the side.”