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How can computers predict that people who click on images of hand cream are more likely to be interested in, say, baby shampoo? Why do natural photos on the computer appear smooth? How can millionaires safely share credit card information online, without being in danger of their information getting hacked?
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One of the keys to academic success is time management, which bodes well for January ’14 LAS grad Chaya Spiegel. By the time this lifelong Brooklynite had graduated high school, she’d already written a historical mystery novel, Search for the Lost Children, and founded the Midwood Jewish Library in her home neighborhood. But she describes those pursuits as “more of a hobby, something I do to enjoy on the side.”
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We often take for granted that glass ceilings have been shattered and gender opportunities in America have been rendered equal. But truth be told, certain scientific fields remain disproportionately populated by men. Some of this can be explained by innate psychology itself, although it’s also partly attributable to stubborn institutional bias and stereotypes.
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“Back when MySpace was still big,” muses Shalom Slavin, a 2012 graduate of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences (LAS) in Flatbush, “I was the guy who would take the time to figure out how it works…I’ve always been geared toward computers,” he remembers.