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The Jewish community worldwide knows all about vigilance. But right in New Jersey, LAS alum and Bronx native Josh Pruzansky is serving as an emblem for that tireless community advocacy on a regional level. Ironically, the current NJ Regional Director of Public Policy for the Orthodox Union’s Institute for Public Affairs graduated with a B.S. in accounting, although his yen for public service slowly surpassed any desire to crunch numbers for a living.
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Recent Lander College of Arts and Sciences alum and accounting major Sarah Krauss admits it’s been challenging to find work and gain footing as a freshly minted college graduate in the wake of turbulent economic times. She describes the gamut of job interviews in today’s climate as “nerve-wracking,” largely on account of having to sit around and “wait for an answer.” Fortunately, First Healthcare Management Company—which provides services to adult daycare centers in New Jersey—ended Krauss’s uncertainty and hired her to help coordinate their accounts.
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As an established leader and successful professional, Yossef Newman came back to the place where it all began.