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An hour prior to our interview, Joe Roth has just stepped off the plane from Atlanta. That morning, he had taken a 6 a.m. flight to meet a potential business client (a car-leasing company aiming to expand its marketing efforts to the national level), and went back to the airport to catch his returning flight immediately after the 11 a.m. meeting. He made it just in time for his 6 p.m. class at the Lander College of Arts and Sciences (LAS)-Flatbush.
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How can computers predict that people who click on images of hand cream are more likely to be interested in, say, baby shampoo? Why do natural photos on the computer appear smooth? How can millionaires safely share credit card information online, without being in danger of their information getting hacked?
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Karen Chyzhyk-Bleich emigrated from Minsk, Belarus to pursue a career in art therapy. At Lander College of Arts and Sciences (LAS)-Flatbush, she majored in psychology and minored in visual arts, graduating in 2015 with an Art Excellence Award. Currently, Karen is earning her master’s in Hofstra University’s Creative Arts Therapy program. In this interview, the alumna spoke to us about her art background, experience at LAS, and first semester at Hofstra. 
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It was after a life-changing humanitarian trip to Costa Rica that Tzipora Glanzman, LAS ’15 solidified her desire to someday work with underserved populations as a Physician Assistant (PA).