Walton Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Physics

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    Lander College of Arts & Sciences

Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Gutierrez earned his M.P.H. in 1982, and Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics (QCD) in 1985 from the Graduate Center of City University of New York (CUNY). Sections of the thesis were published in several leading journals of theoretical physics such as, Nuclear Physics B and Physical Review D. He subsequently earned a Master’s in Electrical Engineering at City College of New York in 1986. His more recent research in biophysics, involving distribution networks of circulatory organs and fractal geometry applied to the lung and kidney were published in Physical Review E and Journal of Biological Systems. He also studies the history and foundational aspects of modern natural science and mathematics.

Before his full-time appointment at Touro College, Dr. Gutierrez taught at a number of universities and colleges, including Purchase at SUNY, Fordham University, and throughout the CUNY system. Over his years at Touro College he has taught courses in general physics, chemistry, algebra, and statistics. He initially developed and implemented the curriculum for general and modern physics lectures and laboratories, and organized and equipped the laboratories at the Touro College campuses where he taught.

Dr. Gutierrez has found that, along with the skills of theoretical problem solving, laboratory work offers the students a direct and unique experience of scientific principles. Learning from his students’ responses to the experiments, he has carefully selected over time physics equipment and experiments that are appropriate to the introductory level and informative of the basics principles of natural science in general and physics in particular.


Lic., University of Chile, Santiago
M.E., City College of New York, CUNY
M.P.H., Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY

Regular Courses Taught

General Physics I & II