Farnad Zaghi

Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry and Physics

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    Lander College of Arts & Sciences

Professor Farnad Zaghi started his undergraduate studies pursuing architectural degree at Shiraz University as he dreamed of designing an intricate edifice. In 2007 he moved to New York as he developed a sense of appreciation for micro structures, in particular proteins, he completed his BS at Touro College and Yeshiva University with honors in biology. His curiosity further directed him to pursue his graduate studies in Biotechnology at Columbia University concentrating on proteomic and genomic structures.

His research specialty focused on short polypeptides, protein structures manipulation and genomic studies by mass spectrometer. Furthermore, he has experience studying micro structures by Transmission, scanning and force electron microscopy and has fascination for biological Nanopores.

Professor Zaghi is currently a faculty member in the Chemistry and Physics department of Lander College where he teaches Principles of Physics, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry courses and corresponding labs.