Accelerated Accounting (for CPA candidates)


You can earn the required 150 credits for CPA certification in less than two years.  or contact Professor Shammai Bienenstock for more information - or 917-613-5167. 

The Touro College Accounting CPA program ranks among the best in the state of New York, based on our students' pass rate on the Uniform CPA exam. Our accounting graduates go on to work at Deloitte, KPMG, Pricewaterhousecoopers and Loeb & Troper, among others.

Some highlights

  • Convenient evening class schedule
  • Yeshiva credits are integrated in the bachelor's degree
  • Generous scholarships and financial aid offered to qualified students
  • Job placement assistance provided

*Acceptance into the Accelerated Accounting Program is predicated upon student having earned a High School Average of at least 85 and satisfactory SAT scores.

Plan of Study

Fall Semester (15 Credits)
EBA 101 Principles Accounting I 3 Credits
MCO 140 Computer Concepts (Online Option) 3 Credits
LLE 101 Comp I 3 Credits
MAT 120 Pre-Calculus (Sun) (Online Option) 3 Credits
EBE 101 Macroeconomics 3 Credits
Spring Semester (15 Credits)
EBA 201 Intermediate Accounting I 3 Credits
EBA 102 Principles of Accounting II 3 Credits
EBA 314 Tax I 3 Credits
LLE 102 Comp II 3 Credits
EBE 102 Microeconomics (Sun) (Online Option) 3 Credits
Summer Semester I (6 Credits)
EBA 202 Intermediate Accounting II 3 Credits
EBA 316 Tax II 3 Credits
Summer Semester II (6 Credits)
EBF 101 Principles of Finance 3 Credits
EBA 213 Cost Accounting 3 Credits
Fall Semester (18 Credits)
EBA 302 Not for Profit Accounting (Sun) 3 Credits
EBA 308 Auditing 3 Credits
EBF 220 Corporate Finance (Online Option) 3 Credits
EBM 213 Business Law I 3 Credits
  Science Core 3-4 Credits
  Business Elective (Directed) (Online Option) 3 Credits
Spring Semester (18 Credits)
EBA 301 Advanced Accounting 3 Credits
EBA 451 Contemporary Accounting (Sun) 4 Credits
EBA 214 Business Law II 3 Credits
EBA 203 Business Writing (Online Option) 3 Credits
  Accounting Elective (Online Option) 3 Credits
MCO 148 Advance Computers (Online Option) 3 Credits
Summer Semester I (6 Credits)
  Free Elective (Directed) (Online Option) 3 Credits
MAT 261 Statistics (Online Option)  
Summer Semester II (6 Credits)
COC 101 Speech 3 Credits
EBM 101 Principles of Management 3 Credits
    91-92 Credits
    48 Yeshiva Credits
    12 Additional Yeshiva Credits
  Total: 151 Credits

Accomodations will be made for students wishing to proceed at a more deliberate pace.