About Us

At Lander College of Arts & Sciences, with separate divisions for men and women, our students receive the finest education and gain real world experience for professional advancement in a supportive Jewish environment. So we're really about you.

Education is more than just a diploma.

We offer high quality, career-focused programs and small classes led by outstanding faculty.

We're as focused on your success as you are.

Your professors will be your mentors throughout your time here, preparing you for the rigors of graduate study and the professional world, and helping you find internship and research opportunities.

We understand where you're coming from.

Courses are offered during the afternoons, evenings, and on Sundays, allowing our students to attend yeshiva or seminary in the morning or work while getting their degree. We also offer an Israel option for those interested in spending a year of intensive Torah study overseas, and for credit.

We'll get you where you want to go.

The largest of the Lander Colleges, LAS (the Avenue J campus), has graduated more than 8,500 students, many of whom have gone on to top graduate schools and have achieved excellence in their professions.

Ultimately, students come to LAS because we offer so much more than an exceptional education and invaluable experience. We offer the warmth of a community united by our beliefs and shared values. We offer family. 

Our History

We were founded by Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander זצ׳׳ל, a visionary leader who sought to create a school that was חולין על טהרת הקודש, and offers observant students the opportunity to seek advanced degrees for professional growth in an atmosphere of uncompromising Torah standards.