Selecting a college is a major decision. We are thrilled you are interested in Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush. We carefully review every application to ensure that our student body continues to uphold our commitment to academics, shared values, and service to our communities.

We have rolling admissions for Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters.

You can apply any time, but we recommend you apply early to make sure you’re ready to go when classes begin. We are here to help at any point along the way.

Ready to get started? Here's what you’ll need:

1. The Application

When you apply online, make sure to select the following options:

  • LOCATION: Touro College
  • COLLEGE: Lander College in Flatbush
  • APPLICATION: select which program you wish to attend

If you require a paper application please contact Jennifer Berkowitz at:

Whatsapp: 646-531-0026

2. Academic Records

Forward a copy of official high school transcript and any applicable college transcripts directly to the Office of Admissions. We cannot evaluate applications from candidates who do not send high school transcripts.

3. Test Scores

Send official SAT and/or ACT score reports to Touro using the following codes:

SAT: 2902
ACT: 2961

Although the exams are optional, it will only positively influence your potential scholarship award if you do take the SAT or ACT. Students interested in applying to the Honors Program are required to take the SAT or ACT.

4. Recommendations

You are encouraged, but not required, to submit two letters of recommendation in support of your application. These should come from teachers, counselors, or a local rabbi familiar with your personal and academic history. If you are completing the application online, follow the instructions provided there. 

5. Interviews and English Placement Examination

Before making a decision, the Admissions Committee may request that an applicant have an interview with an admissions officer. The interview report becomes part of the applicant's file. Usually an English Placement Examination is administered immediately following the interview.

6. Transfer Applications and Early Admissions

We welcome transfer students and qualified visiting students from other colleges. For more information please contact our director of recruitment.

Candidates who possess an outstanding academic record and demonstrate the ability to benefit from college may be admitted to Touro at the end of the junior year of high school.

Contact Details

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions:

Jennifer Berkowitz
Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush
1602 Avenue J
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 535-9399 or (718) 535-9365
WhatsApp: (646) 531-0026 

Request Information

Students in Israel should contact our Israel recruitment team:

Miriam Paryzer
(058) 536-4296

Ora Dauber
(058) 629-7453