School for Men

Receive an outstanding college education and develop competencies and skills that are essential for career success. Learn alongside those who share your Jewish values. 

Since 1976, the Men’s Division at the Lander College of Arts & Sciences has provided highly motivated students a unique opportunity to achieve both their professional goals while maintaining their commitment to yiddishkeit.

We provide a warm, supportive environment where young Jewish men can grow as socially responsible citizens, while gaining the knowledge and practical experience to thrive as professionals and leaders in the Jewish community.

Learning at LAS

Choose from over 20 majors and concentrations with clear professional pathways, from finance and pre-law to special education and speech pathology. Several programs offer honors options and accelerated joint degree tracks as well.

Students attend class during the afternoon and evening, leaving mornings open for learning in yeshiva, or working. We award up to six college credits per semester for yeshiva study.

Learn more about our programs, requirements, and alumni outcomes to discover why LAS is right for you. Contact us with any questions about our offerings or admissions.

NEW! FLEX Program Online Majors

We now offer three majors in a flexible online format. You can take courses fully online, with a mix of live, synchronous Zoom classes, and traditional online asynchronous classes. If one of these majors fits your career goals, you have the self-discipline for online learning and need more flexible scheduling and less commute time, this is the right program for you! Available majors are:

  • Cybersecurity (only available as a Flex)
  • Management/Marketing (also offered on the LAS Flatbush campus and you have the option to take courses in-person, as available)
  • Psychology (also offered on the LAS Flatbush campus and you have the option to take courses in-person, as available)

The FLEX program starts each Fall (late August or early September) and assumes that you have satisfied your Judaic Studies requirements with credits earned in seminary in Israel or elsewhere. Specific courses are offered in specific semesters only.

Questions? Contact Ms. Pamela Goldstein at 718-535-9287 or