Students with the drive, vision, discipline and leadership to change the world, start here.

Our Honors program is based on the premise that when bright, self-motivated students are given the space to interact in an academically stimulating environment, they’ll thrive, developing their innate talents and critical thinking.

Students with demonstrated records of academic performance are invited to our Flatbush Honors Program, where they will receive enriched opportunities to widen their intellectual and professional horizons. Programming for honors students is a combination of interdisciplinary training, designed to encourage lateral thinking and develop synergies with honors students in other majors, as well as discipline-specific opportunities maintained by the various departments of the College. 

Students named to the Flatbush Honors Program receive the following benefits:

  • Enhanced academic merit scholarship
  • Designation of “Honors” on final transcript
  • Invitation to interdisciplinary honors assemblies (twice per semester)
  • Invitation to discipline-specific special events
  • Publication of selected honors papers in annual journal

Admission to the the Flatbush Honors Program is based on your academic record. You can find criteria and admission application information on the Honors Program admissions page.


The Flatbush Society of Fellows (FSF)

A select number of Flatbush Honors Program students who demonstrate leadership potential will be chosen to interview for the Flatbush Society of Fellows. FSF membership is limited to twelve students per year, and in addition to Honors Program benefits, members attend monthly colloquia where, over lunch, they discuss current issues of concern. Convened by Dean Abramson, members of the Flatbush Society of Fellows receive one assigned book before each monthly meeting, and leave that meeting with a charge to turn the group discussions into a concrete action or expression. Students in the Flatbush Society of Fellows embrace the ambitious goal of harnessing their academic passions to change the world for the better.

Entry requirements are the same as the Flatbush Honors Program, though students invited to join FSF typically have have much higher scores, and the written submissions—both the personal essay and the letters of recommendation—figure prominently in the decision to invite a student to interview FSF. Nominations for interviews, especially from faculty in high schools, yeshivas or weminaries, should be sent directly to