The Science Journal - Volume IX - Number 1 - Fall 2015

The Science Journal - Volume IX - Number 1 - Fall 2015

The Cover Illustrations are Original Paintings by Karen Bleich

They are representitive of the article “Noise Induced Hearing Loss: The Impact of Acoustic Trauma on the Ear”



Tzvi H. Adams
Alexander Malek

Associate editors
Dini Ezagui
Moshe Fenster
Daniel Fuchs
Hinda Klass
Ruchie Rubenstein
Isaac Traube

Art Editor
Karen Bleich

Art Advisor
Atara Grenadir, MFA ATR-BC

Layout Advisor and Editor
Antony O’Hara MFA

Charter Editors
Rivka Borger
Michell Gorden-Grunin

Faculty Reviewers
Alan B. Levine D.C.
Robert S. Bressler Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor
Robert S. Bresssler Ph.D.
Chairman of Undergraduate Biology Programs

Lander College of Arts and Sciences
A Division of Touro College
Flatbush Campus
1602 Ave J
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Table of Contents

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Mechanical Plasticity: Skeletal Muscle Adaptations
By: Naomi Broker

Noise Induced Hearing Loss: The Impact of Acoustic Trauma on the Ear
By: Aviva Levihaiem

The Mechanisms of Weight Gain in Sleep-Deprived Individuals
By: Chaya Rosen 

Biological Reasons for the Neurotoxic Effects of MDMA (‘Ecstasy’) on the Developing Fetus
By: Leah Schneeweiss 

Human Animal Chimeras For Therapeutic Protocols
By: Bracha Sklar

Human Stem Cells: Is it Possible to Limit Pluripotent Human Stem Cells to Differentiate into Specific Tissue or Organ?
By: Chaya Korf 

Active Immunotherapy and Adoptive Cell Transfer as an Effective Cancer Treatment
By: Philip Jay Cynamon 

Assessment of Three Acute Responses to Traumatic Brain Injury
By: Shoshana Fireworker

The Rehabilitative Potential of Auditory to Visual Sensory Substitution Devices for the Blind
By: Naomi Perl

Is the Neuraminidase Inhibitor Tamiflu Effective in the Treatment of Influenza?
By: Eliyakim Hershkop 

Which Methods of Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Are Most Effect
By: Yehudit Erlbaum 

Do probiotics effectively promote well being?
By: Tzvi h. Adams 

Biological Therapy in the Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis
By: Tzipora Glanzman 

What are the possible causes for Autism Spectrum Disorder?
By: Rochel Preiserowicz 

The Neurological Underpinnings of Hypnosis and its Clinical Applications
By: Raizy Leizerowski 

Epigenetics as a Cure for Cancer
By: Sara Rivka Margolis 

Why Are People With Laron Syndrome Immune to Cancer?
By: Raquel Margolis