The Science Journal - Volume X - Number 1 - Fall 2016

The Science Journal - Volume X - Number 1 - Fall 2016

Cover pictures:
 The cover illustration, created by Professor Antony O’Hara of the Digital Multimedia Design Program, is a composite of all of the previous Science Journal covers.



Avi Jacob
Esti Gross

Associate editors
Raizy Berger
Betzalel Krasnow
Miriam Salamon
Yoni Pomper
Leah Frimmerman
Simcha Bordon
Sara Laks
Mendel Ivry
Michael Ledereich
Michael Bergman

Layout Advisor and Editor
Antony O’Hara MFA

Charter Editors
Rivka Borger
Michell Gorden-Grunin

Faculty Reviewers
Robert S. Bressler Ph.D.
Alan Levine D.C.
Evam Mintzter, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor
Robert S. Bresssler Ph.D.
Chairman of Undergraduate Biology Programs

Lander College of Arts and Sciences
A Division of Touro College
Flatbush Campus
1602 Ave J
Brooklyn, NY 11230