The Science Journal - Volume 3, Issue 1 - Spring 2010

The Science Journal - Volume 3, Number 1 - Spring 2010


Cover Pictures:

Top - The Nerve Cells of the Retina

Center - Dissected aorta with atherosclerotic lesions, page 57

Bottom - Clostridium difficile bacteria, page 10



Executive Editor
Sara Brummer

Associate Editors
Margo Abitbol
Leah Lebel
Sara E. Levy
Leah Markowitz
Esther Rosenwasser
Tova Spira
Cindy Steinmetz
Chaya Stern

Emeritus Editors
Rivka H. Borger
Michelle Gordon-Grunin

Emeritus Editors
Rivka Borger
Michell Gorden-Grunin

Faculty Advisor
Robert S. Bresssler Ph.D.
Chairman of Undergraduate Biology Programs

Aliza Holtz, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

Alan B. Levine, D.C.
Department of Biology

Milton Shiffenbauer, Ph.D.
Department of Biology

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