The Science Journal - Volume XIV - Number II - Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Science Journal Full CoverCover picture: The cover picture was created by Professor Antony O’Hara of the Digital Multimedia Design Department, pertains to the article "Migraine Triggers" by Adina Jeidel.



Executive Editors
Elena Eisenreich
Chaya Shor
Chana Weis

Associate Editors
Elisheva Dusowitz
Steven Eisenberger
Chany Hersko
Esther Karman
Rena Shilian
Miriam Silberstein

Charter Executive Editiors
Rivka Borger, P.A.
Michelle Gordon-Grunin, Ph.D.

Layout Advisor and Editor
Antony O’Hara MFA

Faculty Reviewers
Robert S. Bressler Ph.D.
Alan B. Levine D.C.
John D. Loike, Ph.D.
Evan A. Mintzer, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor
Robert S. Bresssler Ph.D.
Chairman of Undergraduate Biology Programs

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