John Tantillo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Dr. John Tantillo
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    Lander College for Men, Lander College for Women / The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School, Lander College of Arts & Sciences
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John Tantillo, Ph.D., is a Marketing Professor at Touro College, where he teaches Social Media and Digital Marketing, two essentials in today’s dynamic marketing milieu. He is a nationally known branding/marketing expert who is seen weekly on Newsmax TV, where he is a contributor. In addition to his television appearances, his opinion column “The Marketing and Branding Lens” analyzes the topics of the day using these two essential disciplines. Dr. Tantillo also assists small businesses as an independent consultant for the NYC Department of Small Business Services.

Dr. Tantillo received his doctorate in Applied Research Psychology from Hofstra University and has worked on local/national campaigns. His work as an art director/creative officer won him many industry awards.

As an applied research psychologist, Dr. Tantillo currently uses his background to assess the problems which face businesses and brands. For Dr. Tantillo, Marketing is all about satisfying customer needs, while branding establishes the benefits that “get” consumers to purchase.

Dr. Tantillo has written numerous articles published in major US news organizations, including Newsmax Media,, Political Vanguard, Washington Times, The Daily Caller, and Talkers Magazine. His columns have reached millions of readers over the years. He has also appeared on the national US and Foreign TV/radio programs. He has appeared numerous times On French Television, where he explained the “Trump Brand” to over four million viewers as well as appearing on the BBC’s popular radio show “Newsday,” where Trump and Political slogans were discussed.

As the author of the popular book, “People buy brands, not companies,” he counsels clients on the value of individual products/services (Brand) rather than on the company’s corporate identity.

Dr. Tantillo encourages his students to reach out to him for his insightful take on exciting career choices available to students and the importance of personal branding in supporting these initiatives. Learn more about Dr. Tantillo’s professional activities on his Linktree page.