Helene Weinreb Named 2018 Valedictorian of the School for Women at Lander College of Arts and Sciences

Future Physical Therapist to be Honored at Commencement

Date: May 14, 2018
Helene Weinreb
Helene Weinreb
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Elisheva Schlam
Executive Director of Communications

Although Helene (Chanie) Weinreb chose Lander College of Arts and Sciences (LAS) in Flatbush for its convenience to her home in nearby Madison, Brooklyn, she quickly fell in love with the school and seized every opportunity it offered. This spring Helene is reaping the rewards of her hard work as the valedictorian of Lander College of Arts and Sciences Women’s Division.

Helene maintained a 3.9 GPA in her demanding biology major. At Touro she was a member of the Flatbush Women’s Honor Society, a highly competitive program that prepares students to make their mark on the world. “The members of the Honors Society are extremely bright, motivated, socially aware, and committed to the proposition that they will be future leaders of society,” Dean Henry Abramson, who founded the program, noted.

Helene went to high school in Borough Park, Brooklyn at Bais Yaacov D’Rav Meir. She completed a year of seminary studies at the prestigious Beth Jacob of Jerusalem before starting college at Touro.

While Helene enjoyed her classes and professors—especially Professor Merdian’s anatomy and physiology class—she is especially proud of the way she was able to partner with her classmates. “In every class, we supported each other and helped each other succeed. That atmosphere makes LAS a special place,” she said.

Helene made the most of the LAS flexible schedule of afternoon and evening courses. “The evening classes were terrific. I was able to hold a job and volunteer during the day while having a full college experience at night,” she said.  She began working as a medical assistant in a pathology lab, volunteered at NYU Langone Medical Center and tutored elementary, high school and college students.  She also researched and wrote an article for the LAS-Flatbush Science Journal.

The combination of experiences led her to choose a career in physical therapy. “I like physical therapy because it is more than physiology. It is reliant on motivating each patient to do the work required.”

“Helene’s love for the sciences, her empathetic personality, and her passion for service will make her a respected, caring, and compassionate health care professional. We are extremely proud of her accomplishments and the values and middos she has displayed,“ stated Dr. Robert Goldschmidt, Vice President and Executive Dean.

Helene will start a doctoral program in physical therapy at Touro’s School of Health Sciences this fall. Although she was accepted to three graduate programs, she chose to continue her education at Touro because she was impressed by the faculty at the School of Health Sciences. Many are practicing professionals as well as educators.

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