Welcome, LAS Women!

Before classes begin, new students in Lander College of Arts and Sciences-Women’s Division successfully register for classes and meet their professors.

September 17, 2015

Being just two blocks away from her home, LAS-Flatbush “was the one and only option,” Weinberger said. The current sophomore already had sixty credits under her belt from taking advantage of the Touro Freshman Program in her senior year of high school (at Mesores Bais Yaakov) and the Touro Israel Option during seminary, both of which let her gain college credit for qualifying classes. Now, she’s majoring in psychology, is a member of LAS’s Honors Program, and plans to go on for a graduate degree to pursue a career in industrial psychology.

For Meira Bauman, the choice of college was equally clear. The Torah Academy for Girls (TAG) graduate and Machon Raaya Seminary alumna appreciates the schedule at LAS, which allows her to maintain her full-time job at Bottom Line Marketing while completing her undergraduate degree in management and marketing at LAS “without them conflicting at all.”

“I’m taking six courses---four on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and two on Sunday morning—and I can go straight to college after work every day,” said the Honors student. “Plus,” she adds, “I really enjoy and look forward to most of my classes—the content is fascinating, the professors know what they’re talking about, and I’m gaining skills I need for my day job!”

Tzipori and Meira join the ranks of 218 other students in this year’s new cohort of women at Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush. The members of this new group have studied in Israeli seminaries such as BJJ, Bnos Chava, Me’ohr, Mesores Rochel, Ateres, Bnos Sarah, Machon Raaya, Darchei Bina, Nachlas, among others; and have graduated from high schools such as Masores Bais Yaakov, Shevach, Bnos Bais Yaakov, TAG, Manhattan High School for Girls, Bais Yaakov d’Rav Meir, and Bais Yaakov Academy.

“We are very excited for this year’s group of Lander College of Arts and Sciences women,” said Dean Abramson. "We are confident that they will succeed and we look forward to guiding them to a bright future.”