Art Department

The Art Department at LAS promotes the appreciation and understanding of art as a discipline and its contribution to the culture and history of humanity in general and the Jewish people in particular. The instructors are exhibiting artists who bring the passion of the creative process into the classroom.

Students in studio art courses will learn the skills to create artworks in various media and develop their personal style. In class critiques, students will analyze each other’s artworks according to the art elements. Students in art and music history courses will learn how to “look” at and “experience” art. Students participate in field trips to major New York art museums and the Art Club. They have an opportunity to exhibit their work in the Flatbush campus student art gallery and lobby.

LAS alumni with the Visual Arts minor who have gone on to master's programs have pursued professional careers in art education, graphic design, interior design and fashion illustration. They have been employed in schools, recreation centers, architectural firms and various Jewish service organizations such as the OU.

Art minor:

Visual Art