We are dedicated to maintaining an environment in which all of our students feel safe, comfortable, and confident in their community. 

Student ID Cards

We issue Touro photo ID cards to all students upon matriculation and registration. Cards are required to vote in campus elections, take out books from the library, and to gain access to college buildings and computer labs.

Some local area merchants provide discounts to college students with IDs.

The college reserves the right to bar admission to buildings and classes to individuals who cannot present a valid Touro ID card.

Fire Emergencies

We maintain protocol in case of campus emergencies and run fire drills every year.

In the event of fire or smoke, alert people in the immediate area and activate the nearest fire alarm. Immediately notify the security officer at your location.

Whenever the fire bell sounds, all persons must exit buildings in a prompt and orderly fashion. Do not use elevators. Stay clear of the building and do not re-enter until instructed to do so by authorized personnel.

Emergency Closing Procedures

In case of severe weather conditions or other emergencies, tune into 1010 WINS or WCBS 880 for information about Touro campus and facility closings.

When possible, we will also update this website, as well as the Touro College website with emergency notifications.


In case of any emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Also notify the security personnel and the senior site coordinator at your location or call the Touro Emergency Hotline, 1-88-Touro-911.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items should be brought to (or picked up at) the security desk or the site coordinator’s office at each branch campus or site.