Education/Special Education: Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) Track

The LAS Undergraduate Education BS Degree Program (UEP) is designed to prepare elementary school teachers who will have the knowledge and skills to create a productive learning environment in the classroom that reflects an understanding of New York State Teaching Standards and Common Core Standards.  Candidates will be trained to monitor and assess learning and implement differentiated instructional strategies to meet the needs of learners from diverse background and those with special needs.

Candidates that complete the Undergraduate Education Program will be competent, caring and qualified teachers who embody and promote excellence in education. We encourage interaction in the classroom and have a strong focus on theoretical knowledge. That knowledge is then put into practice in classroom situations to facilitate experiential development. Interwoven into candidates’ learning and practice experiences is a dedication to multiculturalism, diversity, and global awareness; we instill in our candidates a commitment to bring the benefits of education to all children and adults, regardless of individual differences or special needs. Undergraduate candidates completing the UEP and who meet all New York State Education Department requirements, will be eligible to become NYS certified teachers

Dr. Avi Brezak serves as the chair of the education department in Flatbush.

Pathway Program to Earn an MS in Applied Behavior Analysis

Are you interested in potentially pursuing an MS degree in Applied Behavior Analysis? As a behavior analyst, you will work with individuals diagnosed with autism and related disorders, primarily to improve academic learning and life skills. Our Pathway program allows you to earn graduate credits towards an MS in Applied Behavior Analysis as an undergraduate student, which allows you to reduce your course load in graduate school and earn your MS degree faster. This program also allows you to see if you’re interested in graduate study before you officially enroll in a master’s program. Through this program, you will enroll as an Applied Behavior Analysis MS student in the School of Health Sciences (SHS) of Touro University. To learn more about the Pathway program and see if it’s a good choice for your academic journey, visit our Behavioral Science Pathway Program page.

Required Core (15 Credits):

  • EDU 201 - Psychosocial Foundations of Growth, Development & Learning - 3 credits
  • EdSE 600 - History and Philosophy of Education & Spec Ed - 3 credits
  • EDU 380 - Computers in Educational Technology In General & Special Ed - 3 credits
  • SpEd 602 - Introduction to Special Education - 3 credits
  • EdSE 640 - Assessment of Individual Differences In General Ed & Special Education: A Socio-Cultural Perspective - 3 credits

Early Childhood Track (26 Credits):

  • EDU 209 - Foundations of Parenting - 3 credits
  • EDU 311 - Principles of Early Childhood Education - 3 credits
  • EDU 312 - Methodology of Early Childhood Education - 3 credits
  • EDU 316 - Language Acquisition & Emergent Literacy l: Birth-PreK - 3 credits
  • EDU 317 - Language Acquisition & Emergent Literacy lI: K-Grade 2 - 3 credits
  • SpEd 313 - Developmentally Appropriate Learning Experiences for Young Exceptional Children - 3 credits
  • SpEd 314 - Addressing Challenging Behaviors of Young Exceptional Children - 3 credits
  • EDU 318 - Field Experience & Student Teaching I - 2 credits
  • SpEd 418 - Field Experience & Student Teaching II - 3 credits

Related Non-Credit (New York State) Requirements:

  • EDU 510 - Substance Abuse Seminar - 0 credits
  • EDU 511 - Child Abuse Seminar - 0 credits
  • EDU 512 - Child Safety Education & Fire/Arson Seminar - 0 credits
  • EDU 513 - School Violence Prevention Seminar - 0 credits
  • New York State Certification Examination Seminars - 0 credits

Total Credits in Program: 41