Pre-Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Touro University offers a three-year, upper-division curriculum leading to a combined Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Health Sciences and Master of Science (MS) degree in Occupational Therapy. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) examination. Core course requirements for admission include the satisfactory completion of at least 60 liberal arts and sciences credits including:

Required Courses

  • BION 222 - Anatomy and Physiology I or
    BION 223 - Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 credits
  • CPCN 101 - General Chemistry I or
    CPPN 101 - General Physics I - 4 credits
  • PSYN 101 - Introduction to Psychology - 3 credits
  • PSYN 201 - Developmental Psychology - 3 credits
  • PSYN 335 - Abnormal Psychology - 3 credits
  • LLEN 101 - English Composition I and LLE 102 - English Composition II – 6 credits
    English or Communication with a writing component.
  • MATN 261 - Statistics for Social Sciences - 3 credits
  • SOCN 103 - Introduction to Sociology - 3 credits

31 additional credits in liberal arts and sciences (There is a cap of 12 credits per subject area, such as history, that can be counted toward the additional 31 credits of liberal arts and sciences.)

Recommended Courses:

  • BION 101 - Principles of Biology I - 4 credits
  • BION 102 - Principles of Biology II - 4 credits

Total Credits 60


  • Each Health Science School sets its own requirements for admission. The above list patterned after the requirements at Touro’s own Health Science School. The requirements listed above are minimums only.
  • Forty hours of volunteer experience under the supervision of a licensed Occupational Therapist completed within the last three years. Experience with more than one type of setting or population is strongly recommended.
  • Current CPR certification is required at time of admission.
  • These courses do not satisfy the requirements to graduate from The Lander Colleges