Chemistry, the “Central Science”, is essential for understanding the natural world.  The chemistry and physics courses offered at LAS prepare the student for further study in fields involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as providing the student with the solid foundation and prerequisite courses required for the biology major and for admission to most health science programs.  Our renowned faculty help make the experience of learning general chemistry and physics, organic chemistry, and biochemistry exciting and fulfilling.  Besides offering courses to complement the biology major and health science courses, the department offers a minor in chemistry. 

Dr. Evan Mintzer serves as the deputy chair for the Chemistry Department.

Required Chemistry Courses (16 Credits)

  • CPCN 101 General Chemistry I 4
  • CPCN 102 General Chemistry II 4
  • CPCN 201 Organic Chemistry I 4
  • CPCN 202 Organic Chemistry II 4

Related Required Courses (16 Credits)

  • CPPN 101 General Physics I 4
  • CPPN 102 General Physics II 4
  • MATN 121 Calculus I 4
  • MATN 122 Calculus II 4

One Elective from the following set (4 credits)

  • CPCN 222 Analytical Chemistry I 4
  • CPCN 421 + CPC 481 Physical Chemistry I + lab course 3

One Elective from the following (3 credits)

  • CPCN 301 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3
  • CPCN 311 Biochemistry I 3

Total Credits in Program: 39


  • Not opened to students majoring in Honors Biology or in Interdisciplinary Sciences.
  • The same courses may not be used for both a major and a minor unless it is required for both.
  • At least fifty percent of the minor must be taken at Touro College.